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Hanes (founded in 1900) and Hanes Her Way (founded in 1985) is a brand of clothing.

User "Mike C." headlines an "Amazon" review of a Hanes boxer pack as "What the hell happened to his waistline?" on January 2, 2020:

"I purchased the 5-pk of Hanes boxer briefs from a local major retail chain. Seeing as how I've been wearing this specific brand since the mid-2000s, I wasn't about to change. That is, up until recently. The next day, I opened the bag and put them on. Wow, they were really snug! I thought to myself, "Okay, it's new, just gotta break 'em in." All day while at work my gut was uncomfortable. The waistband was digging into me. I go to the bathroom stall, pull them down to my knees and stretched it until I heard a pop letting me know that some of the stitching was coming loose. It helped a little, but not without making a rip. When I came home, I tried another from the pack. Same results with a different color. This time I figured I'll just throw them in the wash and it'll help soften them up. All that did was make matters even worse. It now felt like the boxer briefs shrunk two sizes. I gave it another shot. Went to a different store, purchased one size bigger, and tried it on. Same. Damn. Thing. The waistband was unbearable. In the trash they go, along with the $40+ I wasted thinking perhaps it was a defective product. Seriously, what gives? Did Hanes decide one day out of the clear blue sky to make their customers feel as uncomfortable as possible? Maybe save a few pennies by outsourcing to a cheaper manufacturer? Whatever the case, I'm no longer trusting Hanes to handle my junk. I now have to seek out some other brand. Fruit of the Loom, here I come!"


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Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Harcelement de la direction et de certains vendeurs "seniors"Aucun"

Sales and Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Victorias Secret (Tanger Sunbury Oh) is a very hostile And very toxic atmosphere. The store manager is combative and manipulative. There is no work/life balance and the girls there are very snitchy. I definitely would not recommend! Decent pay after being there 7 years.Short breaks, small break room and rude staff."

Commessa (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente di lavoro molto disorganizzato, poco professionale, non conta se sei bravo ma quanto sei simpatico ai responsabili."

Sales Associate/ bra expert (Former Employee) says

"Please do not work here. This job is emotionally and physically draining. Management does not care about your well being at all. They only care about themselves and how you are benefiting the way they look. I constantly found myself working 12 hour days 6 days a week and never seeing my family. You only get a 30 minute break no matter how long you work. DiscountEverything else"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"not only does this company only hire based on looks, but they treat you horribly and will force you to work very long hours for VERY little pay. they do not care about your wellbeing or needs, they only care about the store's performance. management is extremely disrespectful and mean. nothingmanagement"

Seasonal Associate (Former Employee) says

"Victoria’s Secret was and is all about their gains and no support of their employees they just see you as a number and not an actual person it’s very unsettling Easy system to learnBeing treated like a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"they played favorites, worked there for a year and a half and saw no change in the management style and any promotion even though i worked harder than their standards. i was over looked probably based on my age"

Pink Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I’ve started as a seasonal worker and work my way up from, Beauty and now Pink Supervisor! I know the company is not doing well but how they let their workers go is embarrassing! They closed my store and expect me to clean up give me 2 weeks pay then fire me the week after! When the store needed help nobody showed up and those who did lasts for 2 months!*manger wise*DiscountUnder Paychecks"

Bra Specialist (Former Employee) says

"My managers, yes plural, made me cry multiple times. They hounded me for sales, and I was the lowest paid Bra Specialist probably across all of Canada."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This was my very first job when I was in high school and it was the most miserable experience of my life. You get paid extremely low and basically all you do is stand around and greet people, fold underwear over and over, and they also just throw you on the register with no training. It was easy to pick up on but very embarrassing to not know what I was doing at first. If you want to work somewhere that respects you and treats you right, then I recommend not working here.Discount on bras. Also, first peak on new lingerie that's coming out.No healthcare, no room to grow, disrespectful coworkers and bosses."

Cash Office Associate (Former Employee) says

"You have to look a certain way, stay quiet, have no objections or opinions and you have to be friendly with the right people to move up. Most toxic work environment I have ever been in. The amount of labor that are broken is ridiculous. Management runs the facility like it’s there own personal play ground. We used to call them the mean girls because they would approach at once with criticism and then laugh in your face about itYou get free stuff sometimesManagement"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management does not care about you, unless you’re one of their favorites. They will overwork you but still have you hired as “part time” so that you don’t receive any benefits that a full time employee would. They just simply don’t care about you. The place is a gossip factory so expect to have your business talked about by everyone. There’s no support there. It’s all favoritism and petty behavior."

us (Former Employee) says

"müdürleri kendi egolarını tatmin ediyorlar ayrıca ayrimcilik yapiliyo surekli baski yapıyolar sats yapın diye ve torbilli aldiklari personeler icin gercekten ise ihtiyaci olan kisileri isten cikariyolar ve asgari ucretin altinda odeme yapiyolar"

Merchandise Flow Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"You work like a dog with no appreciation. If you don't get the processing done in the unrealistic time frame you were expected to, you got in trouble and they would not let you leave until it was done. Did not allow enough people to work at one time to get the job done in the time frame they expected.free brasno support, horrible pay"

Summer Temp (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a summer temp (the heat was unbearable at times) and I have to say that the managers ( and staff who have been here longer) were so rude and terrible. They didn’t even teach us or train us properly and got really angry when we “asked too many questions” and because of this, if any of the new people made mistakes, they would yell at us and talk about us behind our backs to other older staff members. I tried to convince myself that I enjoyed this job and that this is a great job, but really it was terrible. I reached the stage where my mood would drop the day before I started any shift here because I felt so uneasy and uncomfortable when stepping into the staff room, let alone the shop floor. It is very catty here and the environment is very toxic. Everyone talks about each other behind their backs, but act very sweet to each other’s faces. The hideous Language use and swearing os also unbearable here. One staff made a nasty comment about a new staff and ridiculed , yet the manager replied “nice one” instead of telling her offCatty environment, Swearing behind others back, Clothes were a mess, Stockroom were a mess & lots of risks and hazards"

Seasonal Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"All around job environment was toxic and unprofessional. There was a lot of favoritism and taunting. I did not enjoy working here. The pay was not worth the amount of work you would have to do."

Cashier & Sales and Support Generalist (Former Employee) says

"Working at VS was quite difficult because of the management. They were not open in terms of flexibility of hours, and the management group is younger and do not know what they are doing.DiscountsManagementt"

Especialista en ventas (Former Employee) says

"Por mucha necesidad que tengas no te dejes llevar por los bonos no llegan a su metas y hay muchos problemas por las ventas individuales"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Hardly care about employees, they make you ork long hours with no break. did not care about class schedule for college students. Very little guidance from bosses.big discountno holidays off"

CASHIER/SALES ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) says

"A lot of unsafe working conditions. You will get sick a lot but you do get free apparel if you do mandatory VSU. Hours are sparce during the off season but hectic and busy during Winter."

P Donovan says

"There is NO COVID 19 disclaimer on the site and says they process order when received. Well it took a week to ship and NINE days after shipping to receive. Order came from NC to AL. Initially customer service asked me " don't you know there's a pandemic was going on so of course they were delayed." I said yes, and I'd specifically checked the site before ordering. I asked why no notice of that... no answer. Once it shipped, it bounced around NC for 4 days, then in GA for 4 more days. Contacted DHL they said contact JMS as it might be lost, JMS says have to contact DHL. It took nearly an hour to get a CS the first time and over 30 minutes the 2nd time. They show chat on the website but nobody every comes on. Quality is abysmal compared to a few years ago. 2 out of 4 garments are wearable. No return labels or instructions for returning so I will eat the loss rather than try to deal with them again. Never never never will I order from them again!"

Dana says

"I placed an order for three bras on May 31, 2020. Today is July 13, 2020 and I have only received ONE of the THREE bras I ordered and paid for. They certainly didn't have any problem taking my money!! Customer service is nonexistent! I will be telling everyone I know to spread the word to NOT to do business with Justmysize!! I can't even find an avenue to get my money back for the two bras I haven't received. An email explanation/apology would have been nice but now I just wait and write a letter to the Better Business Bureau."

S Elizabeth says

"I received a response to my order stating they had cancelled due to billing issue. I just used this card several times and I know there is no card issue. They asked me to call their customer service line which I did and super long waiting time. Not worth it. I'll have to place my order elsewhere."

Nancy M. says

"I placed an order more than 2 weeks ago and still haven't received it. There is NO way to contact customer service! Their phone has a constant busy signal and there's no email or chat available. And you can't cancel your order beyond a 30 min window! So now they will inevitably charge my card whenever the finally get around to shipping my order and all I can do is hope I don't forget about this purchase so I don't get charged OD fees when or if they finally do ship my order!"

Alice Walsh says

"I placed an order 7-2-18 and have received the wrong order and called and they sent out the correct items! NO! They sent me out the same thing still incorrect! I would not purchase anything from Just My Size at this point. I just finished trying to fit every item back into the second order bag and will return it tomorrow. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME THEY CANNOT FILL ORDERS CORRECTLY AND YOU HAVE THE RUNNING AROUND TO RETURN IN."

Lark says

"I've ordered from this company a couple of times. The last time, one of the items did not ship. After 2 emails and a call, I tried to cancel the remaining item. The service rep couldn't help me, but said that a supervisor would call back. Not. A fourth call and the rep I spoke with assured me that my order was cancelled. A week and a half later, I get a shipping notice that my order has shipped. Horrible customer service!"

Betty says

"Sizes seem to change with the seasons. A few months ago I ordered a different size bra from my usual size (band next size larger). After a few months of wearing it once or twice a week, I decided to place an order for the new size. It fit perfectly and was very comfortable. I just received my order of six new bras, and every bra's cup size is HUGE (one size larger), compared to the original of the same size. They're all going back to JMS. Very Disappointed."